Friday 9 June 2023

A Re-vamp and a Ceanothus

Image ia a watercolour painting of a bright blue bush, with green leaves and butterflies.
Ceanothus, by Clare Walker (Update 10th June: Now available here).

Hello there

Just popping in quickly to let you know that am revamping parts of the blog at the moment. So if things look odd for a little while, (eg, no logo)  please bear with me. (The end results will, am hoping, be simpler, sleeker and easier for everyone to visit and use).

It also seemed like the perfect time to share this little (digital) watercolour in Krita. It's of the beautiful blue bush belonging to another neighbour. The bush is bright blue, and beloved by butterflies and bees. I *believe* it's a ceanothus, (or California Lilac). But please don't quote me on that...You know my track record on such things...

And with that in mind, will leave you to your weekend. Hope it's a happy one for you

More soon(ish).