Monday 19 June 2023

Happy Solstice Roses

Image is an illustraiton showing 3 pink roses and leaves and the words Happy Solstice in white.
Happy Solstice Roses

Hello there.
Hope life is treating you well. The site revamp continues, but as it's almost finished, thought it was high time was back in touch with you.

Not least because, Solstice illustrations have a bit of a tradition around here, and still wanted you to have one, even though this is more of a sketch than I'd have liked (in ArtRage6, just to ring the changes). You're welcome to share it if you wish, though can't vouch for its size and therefore printability.

The bigger news...

The bigger news is that the site should now be easier to use, especially on mobiles, and...

My art now has its own store on Pixels.Com. Please do have a browse and see what you think about how easy it might be for you to use.

And with that, will continue the re-vamp, but wish you a happy rest-of-the-week. (There'll be more when the revamp is fully complete).