Friday 31 January 2020

It's Here At Last...

At last and for the first time...All my fabric designs are now available in one place, printed with eco inks and with full international delivery on a choice of 20 fabrics...

That place is WovenMonkey.Com. Click here now to have a peek. (The screen shot above only shows a fraction of what's available).

Hope you have fun with this, and a lovely weekend.

More soon.

PS. If you have fabric-minded friends, please share this info with them. Many thanks!

Friday 24 January 2020

Free Chinese New Year of the Rat Clip Art

Though there's much else going on in China right now, it's also Chinese New Year this weekend.

Image of a cute clip art rat holding a heart
As I know I have some blog readers who also use Feng Shui and have various other connections to China, I thought you might enjoy using this happy little rat (it being the start of the Year of the Rat) in your projects. The usual angel policy terms apply, and you can just right-click to download. (He's not huge in size,  but would work well in web-based or small-scale projects).

And of course, it's fine to use him at any time, and not just in relation to Chinese New Year.

More soon.

Friday 17 January 2020

Sneak Peek and New Free Printable

Hello again!

Hope that this week has been treating you well. *So* many things going on that am mega-late in the day posting this, but anyway...I *do* have time to give you a peek into a much larger project that am hoping to tell you more about next week.

In the meantime, here's a visual clue:

Update: By request, this image is also now a free printable. (Just right-click and save or control click on a Mac and it's yours. But if you'd like the 4-pages that go with it, the full kit also available to buy here).

More soon...

P.S. Update on 31st Jan 2020: It took longer than I thought, but details are here...With the answer to why the layer-cake pattern was a clue, here.

Thursday 9 January 2020

Inspiring Quote: When the Winds of Change Blow...

Seems like the winds of change are blowing for us all this year already...So this quote (which is apparently an ancient Chinese proverb), felt like a good one to illustrate.

And if you're on eof those people who likes to know how things were done, this is all hand-drawn, but also all digital. The textured background involved several layers in ArtRage 6, and I did the sketch and brush lettering in Krita).

If it speaks to you too, it's fine to share this image on social media (or you can get it as a gorgeous and durable metal print poster at Displate.Com...where a new tree is planted with every purchase made).

More soon.

Thursday 2 January 2020

New Fuschia Design...And A Tale of Two Graphics...

Hello there, and if you happen to be reading this as it's published-first *thank you*, and even more importantly, a happy new year to you.

I hope the holiday period treated you well. Just for once, I almost took an entire fortnight off over Christmas. I say almost, because, well, art is fun, as well as work, and the idea of summer fuchsias took hold. One thing led to another, and then this little sketch...

mysteriously turned into this...

(with more pictures of everything looking yummy here).

(And if you're more into printables than décor patterns, you might want to look here too).

But apart from that, honestly, we concentrated on relaxing, and am genuinely and gently getting back to speed.

It's good to be back-more soon.