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Thursday, 2 January 2020

New Fuschia Design...And A Tale of Two Graphics...

Hello there, and if you happen to be reading this as it's published-first *thank you*, and even more importantly, a happy new year to you.

I hope the holiday period treated you well. Just for once, I almost took an entire fortnight off over Christmas. I say almost, because, well, art is fun, as well as work, and the idea of summer fuchsias took hold. One thing led to another, and then this little sketch...

mysteriously turned into this...

(with more pictures of everything looking yummy here).

(And if you're more into printables than décor patterns, you might want to look here too).

But apart from that, honestly, we concentrated on relaxing, and am genuinely and gently getting back to speed.

It's good to be back-more soon.