Monday 29 July 2013

Evening Hollyhocks Digital Painting

Summer heat has slowed production recently. So it's time for a waft of balmy evening air for these dark pink hollyhock flowers...

(Update-29/7/13 pm-put in wrong image this morning-here's the better-cropped one I meant to post-apologies).

PS. Update: This design is now available on phonecases and other gifts at Zazzle:

Monday 8 July 2013

Christmas in July: Digital Painting of a Robin

Don't ask me why a robin seemed like the obvious thing to paint today. (In July. In London, with the thermometer finally going through the roof).

Anyway, I decided he could stay, because a) I love robins, b) He's the first bird I've ever attempted and c) He's a cutie.

NB. I reserve the right to re-publish him in December as our Christmas ecard!
Update: He's such a cutie that a couple of versions of this Christmas robin are available on items at Zazzle, such as this one:

Sunday 7 July 2013

Just Before the Dawn? This is Weird for Me...

Sometimes, things happen. Odd images seem to emerge from nowhere. And as this has been a "progress-from-absolutely-nothing" blog, it feels important to pop in this image.

It doesn't make sense, is nothing like the flowers, and isn't something I'd put into the gallery. (I've never really *ever* done people or lettering before...not even in a doodle at school). But it was an interesting journal image, and in the honest spirit of the rest of the blog, here it comes.

This is a digital mixed media piece in Pixarra Twisted Brush. Still a digital oil pastel base from scratch, but this time, digital penwork and acrylics squeaked in too.

Monday 1 July 2013

Summer Lilies: At Last, A Digital Painting for the Season!

After mixing up all my seasons completely in the last few weeks, here's a real pop of summer: a digital painting inspired by  orange lilies that were fighting their way to the light in a nearby garden.

So what else to call them but, "Summer Lilies"?

NB. I know they're  *really* bright...but so were the originals. I love colours like this, but I'd love to know your thoughts too.


PS. To see this design on phonecases and decals, have a look at this: