Friday 25 June 2021

Poppies and Daisies

Hello there-hope all is really well for you.

As it at least keeps attempting to be summer here, I've been paying homage to the wonderful poppy meadows of which a great friend sent fabulous photos. Though they sparked the idea which then went off in a different direction, as ideas are wont to do, I hope I still did justice to the original place in this pattern.

Poppies and Daisies Art Print
See this design on more items here

That friend in line for something from this collection if she wants it, of course. But these items are available for everyone to add a splash of colour to life  that's bright and fun, but still natural and whimsical.

Hope you find something to treat yourself or a friend to within this. And in any event, have a great weekend.


Sunday 20 June 2021

Summer Solstice Illustration

Summer solstice image showing blue sky and see in watercolour and the words Summer Solstice in white ink
Yes, it's finally time for the promised Summer Solstice image I knew I had to post, to balance the Winter Solstice one here (and which you'll probably prefer to share today if you're in the Southern Hemisphere).

Originally, I meant to have the two images "matching" in some way. But it soon became clear this wasn't how this image (in digital watercolour, in Krita) wanted to be. This was a puzzle, until an obvious truth hit home.

The two solstice points in the year are opposites. So it makes sense that the approach, tone and feeling behind each is going to be, well, opposite also.

In any event, feel free to share this jpg image as it is if it's of use to you today, or in illustrating Solstices generally.

Happy Solstice, and more soon.


Friday 18 June 2021

New Inspiring/Funny Quote Illustration: Life *Is * A Bowl of Cherries. But...

It's cherry season here. Somewhere in the course of the first few this year, I got to thinking the thought, "Even cherries have pips". Which evolved as you see below.

Picture of a fridge magnet with the words, Life is a bowl of cherries. But sometimes you have to spit out the pips, illustrated by a hand-drawn bowl of cherries.
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Just a fun thought for a Friday, which you're also welcome to share via the image below if you'd rather.

Illustration of Life is a Bowl of Cherries. But Sometimes You Have to Spit Out the Pips...

Hope you have a happy weekend. More soon!


Thursday 17 June 2021

Free Happy Father's Day JPG Image and Animated Gif Ecard

Hello there, and hope you're feeling great and thriving.

If you have a father or father figure in your life, Father's Day is upon us this week.

So I thought that either the jpg image below, and/or the animated gif below that, may help you and that person to celebrate.

Free Happy Father's Day JPG graphic featuring sun rays and golden yellow text.

Simply tap, click or right-click (according to your device) and you'll be able to download and share the images.

Hope these are happy, helpful and joyful for you and those who receive them. More soon!


Thursday 10 June 2021

New Sketchy Roses Pattern Collections to Mix and Match

Hello there, and hope this finds you well and thriving.

Today, am so happy to be able to present my new, Sketchy Roses collection to you. 

 It's a coordinated collection of my designs for your projects, in a light and fun style that nods to tradition, but is sketchily light enough to feel fun and happy too. Each design can also be used in either direction. The collection is available on fabrics, printable papers, and home décor/gift items too.

"Sketchy Roses," is available from Craftsuprint as printable papers, or from Zazzle on fabrics, in a  paler background colourway, because of the differences involved in printing on fabric.

Photo of a pink rose

The collection (in all  its forms) was inspired by the beautiful rose gardens we're lucky enough to have around these parts. (Thanks to The Computer Man who took these pics on a stroll we had.)
Photo of pale pink roses

And, just like the different, multi-coloured roses in a flowerbed, these papers and fabrics are designed to be mixed and matched together in your projects too.

Photo of single pale pink slightly wabi-sabi rose

Finally, if you love the designs, but aren't feeling crafty, I've also popped a "mix and matchable," selection of gift and decor items onto Redbubble. You can see the whole collection here.

Here's how just some of  those gift items mix and match together as cushions and pillows, and on a mixture of items.

More than anything, please have fun, and may anything and everything in this collection spark joy and delight for you, your friends and family, and the world at large.

More soon.


Thursday 3 June 2021

New Cartoon and Pretty Pics...

Hello there

Hope you're thriving. It's been a week of being out-and-about (at last!). So please forgive me that the new project launch, about which more very soon) isn't this week.

But I do have a new cartoon for you. Which I sent to the Computer Man for his birthday. Upon receiving it and laughing heartily, he insisted that I put it up for sale (with a few details changed).

Funny Birthday Card for Husbands: Wife Alerts

And so, it's become the newest item in my CartoonsbyClare collection at Zazzle. (where you can change the wording as much as you like...It doesn't have to involve the word "wife", for instance).

In other news...

As good weather and being able to go out are now finally coinciding, so many beautiful things are there to be appreciated in London's parks and gardens. So we slowed down this week, and took some time to enjoy them.

One day soon... these rhododendrons (please correct me if you think they're something else) are highly likely to make their way into a design somewhere.

For now, they are just stunningly beautiful and in need of no other introduction over in the gardens at Kenwood House. (Pics are also courtesy of  The Computer Man, who also takes much more wonderful photos than he realises...).

Pale Pink Rhododendren photo by Jim Fernbank

Dark Pink Rhododendren photo by Jim Fernbank

I'll leave these with you to enjoy. 

Hope you have a lovely week, wherever and however life finds you right now.

More soon.