Sunday 12 June 2016

New Digital "Line & Wash" Painting: Foxgloves

So the rain finally stopped the other day (and yes, I am posting this in *June*...) and the Computer Man and I decided on a day out in Richmond Park.

Also confess, it was also the Computer Man who correctly identified these flowers that we saw as foxgloves, rather than lupins, as I'd thought. (An important distinction, given how deadly poisonous these lovely-but-lethal plants actually are, by all accounts).

Anyway, the other point to note, if you're into such things is that this is still ArtRage 4, with pen and watercolour settings..but using splosher brushes that I finally discovered you can make yourself within the program. (I've only had ArtRage for the last two years, after all...:-)

Enjoy-and more soon.