Friday 30 July 2021

Free August Sunflower Illustration

Hello there, and I hope you're thriving.

Today's offering for you is this August illustration in bright yellow sunflowers.

Free illustration saying August in sunflowers
Free "August in Sunflowers Illustration". Click or tap here to download and use.

This illustration is a png, so it can be used against any background and in lots of different projects, , subject only to my Angel Policy.

(And yes, I know it's only July when I'm posting this. But I thought you might like  to use it in monthly blog posts or newsletters, and so am posting it early here).

As to, "why sunflowers?", well it's because they're popular here at this time of year. (Even though there isn't necessarily  always that much sun to go with them). If you'd like me to make something similar with the flora or foliage from your part of the world, please just let me know on social media.

More sunflowers

Sunflowers might also be popping up on other items soon. (For example, they've already made their way onto fabric).

That's all for this week, but am wishing you a happy and sunflower-filled weekend, whatever the weather where you are.

More soon.

Friday 23 July 2021

World Watercolor Month: "Home" Prompt Snail (Becomes an Animated Gif Ecard)

It's been a hot week here. But a hot week in #WorldWaterColourMonth simply means that the paints dried ultra fast.

Watercolour snail with a rainbow shell with a chimney pot on it.
Snail for WWM prompt Day 23: "Home"

It was one of the first times out for me with the Derwent Inktense travel set of watercolour inks. (Soo many thanks for a great birthday gift!).

And, whilst there's a long way to go, this snail made me smile, so thought I would post him (or her).

Then I remembered that I needed to wish a friend luck with their move, so realised that an animated gif was on the cards (which you can also download and use if you'd like). So...Ta-dah...

Rainbow snail watercolour animated gif saying Good Luck With Your Move.

Click, tap or right-click here to download this Rainbow Snail Good Luck Wth Your Move Animated Gif

And with that, I'll leave you to what I hope is a happy and lovely weekend for you. 
Take care, and more soon.


Friday 16 July 2021

Christmas in July: Free Holly Clip Art

Hello there. After a break last week am back and offering as you do in the middle of summer (as it is here)...Christmas in July.

Handpainted Watercolour Holly Christmas Clip Art With Splattered Dots
Free Watercolour Holly Clip Art

Now, if you're new to the blog, this may or may not be a head -scratcher.

But if you've been reading for a while, then you'll know that as I like to join in with the whole "Christmas in July," movement, and offer a freebie to any person who's so amazingly organised that they're looking for Christmas supplies already.

Hence, today's offering is a hand-painted watercolour PNG holly sprig.

You're welcome simply to download and use them by right-clicking, tapping or clicking on the image (depending on your device). My angel policy explains the many ways you can use them.

(By the way, if you're reading this and it's not July, then of course, you can download this just the same at any time of year).

And if you'd  like to see this holly "in action", as it were, on some ready-designed craft supplies, then there's a DL-sized card front here, matching inserts (and verses) here, and an ultra-versatile patterned Christmas holly background here.

And with that, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine. As you do, in London, when you've just completed a  Christmassy holly sprig in July... :-)

Hope all's well with you, and have a great weekend. 

More soon.


Thursday 1 July 2021

"So, I'll Be Along With Another Unicorn in About a Month..."

Unicorn picture: white unicorn on navy blue background.
Unicorn Picture/Art Print

One thing in short supply these past few months has been random conversational snippets as passers-by go about their business.  By which I mean, random snatches of conversation that last about 20 seconds, are complete in themselves, but beg sooo many further questions.

Well, like people themselves, it seems they're back around these parts, and,

 "So I'll be along with another unicorn in about a month,"

Unicorn dress, feautirng white unicorns on a dark navy background A-line dress.
Unicorn Dress 

 is one of  *the* best such snippets I've ever heard.

Naturally, it made me stop eating my lunch and look up. (Well you would, wouldn't you?)

And the person who said it turned out, indeed, to have just delivered a unicorn. Just not quite the type you might be imagining.

Unicorn Pin/Badge showing a white unicorn opn a dark blue background
Unicorn Pin/Badge

The unicorn in question was a pedalo, being delivered to a  recreational lake near us, with the head and neck of a unicorn in plastic, with the rest of the pedalo being suitably boat-shaped behind it. Said unicorn was joining its friends the dragon, swan and flamingo pedalos.

Unicorn backpack, featuring white unicorns in a pattern on a navy blue background.
Unicorn backpack

The strange thing...

The strange thing is, even though the pedalo was plastic,  I haven't been able to get more mythological unicorns out of my head since. The idea of them just would not leave me alone until at least one had been drawn, written about here,  and made available in more ways than I might normally choose or think about for a design like this. Hence all the many variarions of the unicorn design on the pics in this post.

*Free unicorn background*

And if you'd just like some free unicorns on an A4 size background (that's 300dpi, so printable if you'd like...) here it is. Just right-click, click or tap to download, depending on your device.

Free unicorn background, featuring white unicorns, stars and shimmers on a dark navy blue background.

Free unicorn background. Just click, right-click or tap to download

Back soon

Now, unlike the speaker in the title, am not aiming to be away from the blog for a month.

But there won't be a post next week. I'll leave you to enjoy this unicorn for now though, and promise that there will be more soon.