Monday, 30 November 2020

Day 75/100: A Christmas Ecard

 So, yes, I know it's only Nov 30th, but it's been that kind of year where it helps to raise the flagging fun level by calling in Christmas a bit early, I reckon.

Anyway, in this ecard attempt, at least you get to see what became of all those partridges, pears, etc.

  (and as am having some problems getting this to embed, am also including the link to where you can see it on the BoundingSquirrel Facebook Page:

More tomorrow

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Day 74/100: Yep, It's a Partridge...

 After yesterday's pear, unsurprisingly, today's drawing is a partridge. Watch out for the next stage of this tomorrow (where, with luck I might even have time to finish this project).

Hope all's well with you...More tomorrow.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Free Pear/Clip Art/Printable...And Part of Something Bigger (*and* day 73/100)


This pear is destined to be part of a bigger project (to be completed over the next couple of days). Can you guess what it is?

But for now, if you're looking for a picture of a pear to use as a printable or clip-art, feel free to right-click and save (or click and save, or tap and save) this pear graphic (which is a digital pen and wash drawing, created in Krita

More tomorrow.

Friday, 27 November 2020

Friday Funny: "Working From Home" Cartoon (and Day 72/100)

 It's Friday, and so seems like a good day for a cartoon.

This is the "no-specific-name," version of a cartoon card I did for a family member this week. Who, like many this year, has spent a lot more time than usual working from home. Happy weekend, and more tomorrow.

This cartoon shows a man working from home. He's on a laptop, with one beer beside him. The picture below is identical, except it says, relaxing at home, and the picture shows him smiling, and with two beers.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Thank You For Being You Illustration (Day 71/100)

Day 71 is a private thank you to a group of people online, to whom I owe many thanks. (plus a chance to practice my nemesis...hand lettering). I'm not from the US, so am not celebrating, though my good wishes to you if you are.

However the need for gratitude and our ability to express it is universal, so if you're reading this, you're also included. Thanks for being here, and more tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Day 70/100: Cosy Christmas Cat and Jumper Patterned Fabric & Gift Wrap

 And now the third stage of the process is complete. The cosy cats, Christmas jumpers and other relaxing (or even "hygge"?) motifs have been arranged, given a background...and even popped onto their first products.

So the pattern ended up something like this (though this is not the repeat, and is a lower-res image, obviously...

And has ended up looking rather good on (for starters), Christmas wrapping paper and fabric...

And if sleepy cats and Christmas aren't your thing, never fear. There'll be something different tomorrow...

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Day 69/100: Look What Turned All Christmassy...

 Day 69/100...And in a surprise turn of events, these motifs became Christmassy. (I was expecting an Autumny colour-way to emerge, but these motifs were having none of it).

More tomorrow, when with luck, there may be a finished design.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Day 68: "Cosy Cartoon Pattern," Stage One Sketches (Work in Progress)

 Remember a while ago I promised honesty about how long things take? Well, here it is again.

This is just a collection of drawings and sketches  of outline shapes and ideas. They're for a possible pattern featuring cosy motifs, but in a cartoon style. Which is all I can offer up today, as have also got some other projects going on that are still under wraps.

Watch this space. More tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Day 67/100: This Really Happened...


Hi again. Hope you're thriving, in all the circumstances.

Today's cartoon is based on a conversation I had recently which first led me to question my sanity, and then to want to publish this cartoon in order to defend joy. 

If you're genuinely feeling joy at a given point, please don't do what I did in this situation. Let it shine, because we need it more than ever now, not less.

Enough waffle. More tomorrow

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Day 66/100: Quick sketch of Norman the Gnome

 Day 66/100. It's a weekend, so was just sketching for fun, and ended up with a physical pen and wash sketch of a gnome that (literally) blew into our neighbour's garden  earlier this year (with some liberal artistic licence).

 Since he's made the view from our window (which is pleasant enough for a city anyway) more fun, I couldn't resist christening  him "Norman"...And thought I should immortalize him before he decides to blow away again ;-)

Pen and wash sketch of a gnome, with green hat and trousers and a red jacket.

In reality of course, he's only 6 inches high :-)

More tomorrow.

Friday, 20 November 2020

"Somehow It's Friday..." Cartoon (Day 65/100)


Day 65/100

Definitely having that "Friday feeling" today-maybe you can relate.

In this cartoon, a woman lies on a sofa next to a gigantic glass of wine.

Hope you have enjoyed the cartoons in the last few weeks. There will be more. But as need to start other art projects soon too, there will be other art in the mix too for the rest of the remaining 35 days of this challenge.

More tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Cute Cartoon Dog Clip Art (Free Download) Day 64/100

 Ok, so if you like freebies, dogs, clip art, or a combination of all three, today's your day. (Also Day 64/100 in my 100 days project).

Cartoon Light Brown Dog With Cute Ears and a Watercolour Splash Background, Free to Download

Basically he's the cute end result of an animation project that didn't quite come off.

But as this still picture (a full-size jpg) remains rather cute and should be printable...If you like him, he's yours (just right-click, click or tap depending on your device, to save, and he's yours).

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

"The Myth of "Free Time"" Cartoon (Day 63/100)

 Obviously, this cartoon is art-related. But am guessing it applies to many other walks of life as well...

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Day 62/100: "The Problem With Art on Social Media," Cartoon

 Let's be clear. I love looking at a luscious photos of other people's art on social media...And can guarantee that mine will probably never look that luscious ;-) . But as a scruffy illustrator/cartoonist, it does worry me just how intricate those photos are becoming...

A cartoon of a phone conversation about the intricacy of the styling o art on social media these days

More tomorrow.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Day 61/100: "Dog or Pony?" Cartoon

 Day 61 is a version of a cartoon I've done this week for a friend whose dog is large, but also the most lovable dog on Earth. I've changed the names for privacy.

Hope all's well with you. More tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

(Day 60/100) "Where the Pieces Fall," Digi-Art Journaling in Krita

 And now, as they say, time for something completely different. 

Day 60/100 was a Sunday chillout  way for me to remember something I'm always learning and re-learning. But if it resonates with you too, feel free it. 

Ironically, for something that was meant to be, and felt, chilled the whole way through, it actually took longer than the average cartoon to produce. (Maybe because I do many fewer projects that evolve, rather than "starting with the end in view,". Perhaps it's time to practice those "evolving" projects more).

For those of you that like to know, I created this digitally in Krita, using a graphics pen stroke by stroke, with the exception of the lettering. That uses the free and royalty-free font Amatic, stretched changed and shadowed in various way.

And in any event, hope you're having  good weekend.

More tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

"Gin or Gym" Cartoon: New 2020 Version...And Answers to Calendar Questions...

 It's day 59/100.

Yesterday, I realised that my popular "Gin or Gym" cartoon needed a re-draw if it was going to go into the  Funny Cartoons About Life Calendar . Basically (and embarrassingly), I just couldn't find the original full-size file.

However, am liking the way it came out, and it's now the January page of the calendar. (The deliberately lo-res) version is below:

By the way, as I type, it's only been on sale for a day, and so thanks so much to the people who've already bought it...I love you all.

To the people who are interested in grabbing a copy, but have questions, the following answers may help...

A bit more about the calendar

To answer a few questions you might have about the calendar:

1.Yes, in order to turn it into an orderable item this fast (the idea was only came about a couple of weeks ago) I have had to use a print on demand service. I chose Zazzle because have had great -quality calendars and other items from them in the past, and their design process is flexible, but quick and easy.

2. Because the calendar is made by Zazzle, it's made in the USA, even if you reach it via a "" link.

For UK customers, this means that in the current strange 2020 times, please allow plenty of time for delivery, especially if you're wanting then to send the calendar elsewhere. Zazzle already estimates that UK delivery takes 21 business days, so please, get ordering if you're in the UK and would like a calendar.

3. The calendar is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The link will take you to the large version, because it demos the pictures especially well. But it's easy to select a smaller size from a drop-down-box  on the order page.

4. As the calendar is print on demand, Zazzle handle all the production and shipping, so I can't help you with any queries (other than to point out that tight UK timescale again, if you're wanting it as a Christmas 2020 gift).

5. The calendar can be set to start in any month or year though, and the cartoons were selected to be as "evergreen" as possible. So whenever you're reading this, it might still make a lovely boost for you or someone else.

6. Finally, if you're in the USA or elsewhere and you'd rather order the calendar through a Zazzle.Com link, please click here.

Many thanks for reading this and if you decide to get the calendar.

More tomorrow (and that'll be just the image, not more calendar-related talk ;-) )

Friday, 13 November 2020

Get Your, "Funny Cartoons About Life," Calendar Here...

 Am so excited, because my "Funny Cartoons About Life" Calendar is finally on sale here:

(It comes in various sizes and is 50% off until midnight tonight (Friday 13th November 2020, though still excellent value after that for a whole year of laughs).

The calendar can start in any month, and should be suitable in any year.

Here's the cover, which also features an extra cartoon:

A funny cartoon about calendars for the cover of a funny cartoon calendar...

Go here to find out more/buy...

(And yes, am counting this and it's new cartoon as day 58/100 too ;-)

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Free "Please Wait", Rainbow Spatter Gif (Day 57/100)

Created this because I needed it, but figured that plenty of other people might too. So if it would be useful for your site, please right-click (or click, or tap, depending on your device) to save it, and then link back to , when you use it. Many thanks!

NB. If you're a regular visitor, I also created this literally because there's a big project to unveil that needs just a weeny bit more time. Hopefully tomorrow...

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Estate Agent in Lockdown Cartoon (Day 56/100)

 Confession: Today's estate agent in lockdown cartoon is one I created as a birthday card for someone who works in that industry (I think they're "realtors" in the USA, if you're reading this there.) So now that she has it safely (and found it funny, apparently...yay!), am posting this today and catching up on admin.

(And yes, that meant that on that particular day, somehow two cartoons got produced in one day).

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

"Marketing In Tents," Cartoon (Day 55/100)

 Someone nudged me the other day that have never done many business cartoons

Hopefully this is also fun for everyone though. More tomorrow.

Marketing in Tents Cartoon. A marketing campaign that the boss wanted to be intense ends up on a campsite..

Monday, 9 November 2020

"Who's Nuts?" Squirrel Cartoon (Day 54/100

 Today, am doing something different that thought I never would...A 4-panel cartoon experiment. Fairly obviously (given the name of this blog) I do love squirrels. And sometimes, seeing things from that which might be their perspective is

Anyway, hope you're well, and more tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

"Highwayman in A Pandemic" Cartoon (Day 53/100)


Funny cartoon "Highwayman in a Pandemic" by Clare Walker, features a highwayman who doesn't frighten a footman, because the highwayman is wearing a mask.

I realised after had settled on drawing this for the day that it may only make sense if you're familiar with the idea of highwaymen (Dick Turpin etc) in your particular culture. Or, with any luck, if you're reading this any time after 2020.

Anyway, more tomorrow.

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Weekend Sketch: November Rosehips in Pen and Watercolour (Day 52/100)


Day 52 falls on a weekend. The sun is shining, being out in the park is still allowed, and there was nature (including these november rosehips) to look at. And sometimes, have just got to relax, chill out, paint and *not* think, especially, like all of us, at the moment.

'Nuff said.

Hope you're well too, and more tomorrow.

Friday, 6 November 2020

Funny Giraffe Cartoon (Day 51/100)

 Day 51 is just some (slightly surreal) light relief...More tomorrow

Funny cartoon in which a giraffe visits an osteopath, and has to pay extra...
"Giraffe Cartoon" By Clare Walker,

Thursday, 5 November 2020

2021 Calendar Cartoon

 Today's cartoon is all about a 2021 calendar:

Now I had been about to get all clever with this, and announce a 2021 calendar full of cartoons at the same time.

Until discovering that most sane people embark on a project like this in about July of each year, not November.

Nonetheless, it would still be theoretically possible to get one to you if there's a demand.

What do you think?

Please have your say over on the Facebook page.

Many thanks and in any event, enjoy the cartoon. 

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Monday, 2 November 2020

"The Animal Takeover" Cartoon (Day 47/100 and 2nd Lockdown Cartoon).

 Bear with me. Am still processing the idea of a second lockdown in the UK.

One of the things that made it easier last time was the fact that nature and wildlife seemed to benefit so much from the absence of humans.

Which led, in the weird and whimsical way that things do, to this cartoon (digitally painted in Krita).

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Tax and Lockdown Cartoon (Day 46/100)

 It's day 46 of my hundred sketches, and for context if you're from outside the UK (or reading this after 2020) the context of this cartoon is that we're going into a.n.other lockdown in the UK this week.

So this is my first attempt to see a funny side to the situation. Watch this space...

Cartoon about another 2020 lockdown...