Sunday 15 November 2020

(Day 60/100) "Where the Pieces Fall," Digi-Art Journaling in Krita

 And now, as they say, time for something completely different. 

Day 60/100 was a Sunday chillout  way for me to remember something I'm always learning and re-learning. But if it resonates with you too, feel free it. 

Ironically, for something that was meant to be, and felt, chilled the whole way through, it actually took longer than the average cartoon to produce. (Maybe because I do many fewer projects that evolve, rather than "starting with the end in view,". Perhaps it's time to practice those "evolving" projects more).

For those of you that like to know, I created this digitally in Krita, using a graphics pen stroke by stroke, with the exception of the lettering. That uses the free and royalty-free font Amatic, stretched changed and shadowed in various way.

And in any event, hope you're having  good weekend.

More tomorrow.