Thursday 27 October 2016

New Digital Painting...(Plus, A Hedgehog Finds His Calling...)

This autumn birch tree is a new digital painting (based on a beautiful one in the ever-whimsical Holland Park).

It's also sat around on my hard-drive for a week . Was going to post it, but fell into the trap (as ever), of feeling that it needed a "purpose".

Then it occurred to me, that for now at least, it being beautiful was quite enough. So for now at least, you can pop it on your wall in a variety of ways, here.

And now, about that hedgehog...

Besides, it's the things I draw for "no reason", or which, "didn't go the way I planned", that have a funny habit of turning out best in the end.

 Taking the prize currently for "longest time between design and ideal purpose," is a certain hedgehog sketch from over ten months ago.

The other day, it being the first truly wet autumnal one we'd had this year, I suddenly had a *huge* urge to hibernate. Figuring that I might not be the only one, I then wondered how to put that onto a  mug. (it being certain that even those humans who *want* to hibernate will be more likely to drink from a mug than actually to curl up for six months).

But how to illustrate this? All at once, it came to me...And here's the hedgehog, resplendent on his mug, and absolutely *the* best animal with whom to illustrate the idea that, "Sometimes, you just need to hibernate..."

Hedgehog Mug: Sometimes You Just Need to Hibernate Coffee Mug
Hedgehog Mug: Sometimes You Just Need to Hibernate Coffee Mug
by BoundingSquirrel

So there you have it-the two sides of autumn. Glorious colours versus impending hibernation. That just about wraps it up for this post. I'll leave you with Hedgehog, proudly taking up his place with the other designs in the "Cosy Autumn Mugs" collection.

Til next time...