Wednesday 18 December 2019

Free 2020 Clip Art Printable

Hello again.

Thanks so much for being here on the blog with me this year. Today, I have a gift for you that should literally last all year, a fun 2020 printable jpg that spells out the year in a way that includes "2020 vision" as well. You're free to use this image in any project you personally make using this printable, (including, with this one,  personal blogs and videos too).

(To save this: Right click and save image on a PC, Control click and save on an apple, tap and save on a mobile device).

Have fun with this and as am taking some time off, will see you in 2020!

Update: May 2020. In the light of everything that's happened globally, am considering a "shocked face" 2020...What do you think?

Thursday 12 December 2019

New Digital Painting: Whimsical Sleepy Fox

"Sleepy Fox" (whimsical digital watercolour in Krita 4.2) 

This sleepy little fox taught me two things today.

1) It is *always* worth taking a photo of something appealing the second you see it. In this case, I was glad that hubby and I had spotted and photoed this sleepy fox in a neighbour's garden during the summer. (It's a bleak, dark, rainy and windy day in December as I type this...And let me tell you *nothing* in the garden right now will beat this sleepy summer fox. :-)

2) Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it's also *always* worth persevering. I nearly gave up on this little guy several times during the sketching process, doubting the angle ("His trademark tail is hidden..Oh, no!") the shape, and even the colours. But all in all, am glad I kept going.

Am still going to wait overnight for the mysterious "art fairy" to work her magic, and let me know whether there's more that I need to do here. But just for now, I'm going to leave this here and chill, just like our foxy friend here.

More soon...

Wednesday 4 December 2019

New Digital Painting/Illustration: Veg!

Hi again.

Today's digital painting/illustration is simply of vegetables, in Krita pen and wash digital watercolour...

And what am I going to do with it? (No idea, to be honest, but am sure its purpose will emerge. Have almost never yet produced something without it having a role to play somewhere...eventually :-))

If it strikes you that this has a perfect use, please let me know!

By the way, in contrast to the little bear cub the other day, this image didn't wander into my head. But you can't just wait for inspiration to strike, can you?

So I decided that I'd draw the next thing that came into my head, whatever it was. Randomly, that was a carrot... and then the rest followed anyway.

In the meantime, hope it helps you feel healthy and bright in these wintry days.

-Update the next day (5/12/2019).

So it turns out I am happily wrong...this image looks *amazing* on a whole range of items, from T shirts to art prints...(See for yourself at my Redbubble shop here...)

Monday 2 December 2019

New Digital Painting/Illustration: Sending You a Bear Hug

Was going to take a longer break, but this little bear wanted to be drawn in Krita and shared. (Suspect he wants to be uploaded for sale to make his way into more people's lives-will do that tomorrow!)

Update 3/12/2019: You can now send someone a bear hug on cards, T-shirts, stickers and much more...

More soon...