Monday 16 December 2013

Merry Christmas Robin Free E-Card...Again!

Merry Christmas Robin-Digital Painting by Clare Walker
Merry Christmas!

As I thought when this little guy was out-of-season, he *has * the e-card for The Computer Man and me this year.

As ever, we've donated our Christmas card cash to The World Land Trust (the awesome people who manage to help portions of the planet, people and animals, all at the same time. Win-win-win.)

If you'd like to do the same (or just use this ecard to send to others), please do. No strings, no stress (though I never object to a link back if you feel like it...;-)

Merry Christmas!

Thursday 12 December 2013

A New Digital Painting (And A Sneaky Peek Ahead)...

As usual, this is completely out of synch with the season ;-).

But it's a little peek of project I'm working on for next year. (And the reason why I haven't posted lately.

Watch this space...

And if it speaks to you-please share it.

More soon...

Update 11/2/14: This giraffe is just one of the illustrations in, "Fall in Love & Stay There," available here.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

New Digital Painting: Pink Rambling Rose

Pink rambling roses are in short supply in London in November. Hence this new digital painting of blue sky and a fragrant flower, I guess :-).

Anyway, enjoy, and thank you to the people who have already visited (and *bought from* -you are amazing-I love you!) the new version of my Zazzle store.

Update: 11/2/14: A new version of this picture is featured in the new ebook, "Fall in Love and Stay There", available via all Amazon stores.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

New Digital Painting (And a New Idea)

Amazing! I've (finally completed another digital painting that's in line with the season. (Unless you're reading this in June of course).

Anyway, this is "Autumn berries" and in Pixarra Twisted Brush digital oil pastels, as before.

The New Idea...

But what it also represents is the start of a new idea. It started when staring once again at all the tech spread out by The Computer Man in our front room.

The cases for all of it are still pretty plain, despite the fact that decorated laptop, tablet and laptopskins have been around for ages.

So it dawned on me that pretty, small digital-but-traditional designs like mine might look pretty good on tech. Having already been impressed with Zazzle, I've put some designs up to try them out.

So if you'd like to jazz up your tech, or send a phone case as a gift to someone, please hop on over to my Zazzle store.

Monday 21 October 2013

Cookies (And *Do* Use This Cookie Picture If You Need One)

A friend of mine is convinced that I need a cookie policy. Given that I live in the UK, I know they exist, but thought they were only for humungous sites, and not little efforts powered by the (wonderful) Blogger and similar...

Given that being over-zealous can't do any harm, I've explained mine anyway, here

And it gave me a great chance to make the whole thing feel more appetising for all of us, by attempting a digital painting of real, edible cookies. (Feel free to use it if you need such a cookie graphic and are happy to link back here too).

It's a sad day when a post about something that should be as yummy as cookies has to contain any dullness at all...

Back with more colour soon.

PS. If you or a friend are cookie-minded, you can also buy this as a fun design on gifts like these speakers: Cx

Friday 4 October 2013

A Completely Different Picture...

Am loathe to post this...It's so completely different, a little weird, and very "messy" unfinished and abstract compared to everything that's gone before. (It's still digital, but a digital acrylic painting, rather than digital pastels).

But the colours of a "Rainbow Autumn", feel jolly, it's useful in order to illustrate another blog (and anyway, I've promised to post every stage in the process here, whether it feels like "progress" or not).

Happy weekend, whatever you're up to.

PS. Update: I ended up calling this "Rainbow Autumn", and it's found its home on colourful gifts like this one:

Friday 27 September 2013

Squirrel Calendar 2014 (Sorry, Just Couldn't Resist The Opportunity to Produce It)

It's no secret that I love squirrels...So much so that I named a blog after them. Which means that when I noticed it was easy to make a calendar of squirrel photos...The (unoriginally named) Squirrel Calendar 2014  just had to come to life.

It's a collection of our squirrel photos (ie all taken either by me or by The Computer Man-with the other of us usually giving out nuts...).

And we made it because we would like a copy. But if you *do* know any squirrel lovers, feel free to point them in its direction (or give 'em a gift).

More (non-squirrelly) art next week.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Geranium Digital Painting, Beginnings & Endings...

At long last, another, proper digital painting: inspired by the pink geraniums that The Computer Man bought me *months* ago for my birthday.

This of course continues the theme of my posting up pictures unrelated to the season in which they're being posted. ;-)

As to why it's an ending, and a beginning...

It's a funny, when things arty just descend on you from out of the blue. (If you haven't been with the blog from the beginning, you can read more about how I just started doing art one day, without any warning or prior interest in it, here).

Art descended, it seems to work, it absolutely makes me more joyful...And I still find it really, really hard to take it seriously. As if, one day I'm going to go back to being the "real" me, (who didn't draw and didn't want to, for almost 40 years).

What I'm beginning to see is that there probably is no going back. And if there is no going back, then one thing I better get serious about getting my stuff out there.So, this post is the beginning of that journey. ('Cos if I say I'm going to do it here, I'll actually have to do it. For real.)

And the ending? Well, I was going to finish this seemingly endless series of flower paintings and move on to a different subjects. But then I got an idea for "just one more". Well, I might just have to follow it through. And then move on...

More soon.

PS. Customisable gifts like this one are available with this variations on this design:

Friday 6 September 2013

Ladybird-Speedy Digital Painting (aka How to Get Out of a Hiatus)

Yes, there's been a break, but this ladybird showed up...and showed me (and you, if you need this info) how to get through a "what's-the-use-in-me carrying-on-with-any-art?," hiatus.

Foolishly, I'd got into thinking that only busywork (for which read "money-earning") was worth it. And then I wondered why I was cranky, grumpy and out of sorts.

But the break in practice was just long enough for me to begin to believe that "you're never going to be any good, so what's the use?" Eek.

And then the ladybird came to my rescue.

I thought, "I wonder what would happen if I set a time-limit, and just let myself draw, instead of thinking something has to be perfect and take hours/days."

And just that, the ladybird appeared...everything started to feel great.

If you're feeling stuck too, give this a go for 45 minutes, (or less, if you want)...and see what happens...(And leave us all a comment, if you'd like).
PS. Update: This tenacious ladybird has also made her way onto some gifts and products, too:

Monday 26 August 2013

Sometimes, You Have to Add Your Own Colour...

Our house is rebelling against us. Or at least, that's what it feels like. Strange floods, and appliances going haywire.

Which has made the past few weeks a bit of a challenge, though it's all fixed now.

So, whilst I still fully intend to paint these lovely hot pink geraniums that The Computer Man bought me for my birthday, right now, some play with photos is where it's at, time-wise.

Sometimes, you really do have to be the one to bring your own colour into a situation...

Sunday 11 August 2013

Fun With The Cymera App

The Cymera app for Android is fun (and free). I've been playing with it all morning, and just as an example, it helped me change this:

To this.

Saturday 10 August 2013

Winter Berries Digital Painting

Yes, it's another digital painting, "Winter Berries" this time.There are enough images for a calendar, now...
But in the meantime, it's also available on gifts and products like this one:

Monday 29 July 2013

Evening Hollyhocks Digital Painting

Summer heat has slowed production recently. So it's time for a waft of balmy evening air for these dark pink hollyhock flowers...

(Update-29/7/13 pm-put in wrong image this morning-here's the better-cropped one I meant to post-apologies).

PS. Update: This design is now available on phonecases and other gifts at Zazzle:

Monday 8 July 2013

Christmas in July: Digital Painting of a Robin

Don't ask me why a robin seemed like the obvious thing to paint today. (In July. In London, with the thermometer finally going through the roof).

Anyway, I decided he could stay, because a) I love robins, b) He's the first bird I've ever attempted and c) He's a cutie.

NB. I reserve the right to re-publish him in December as our Christmas ecard!
Update: He's such a cutie that a couple of versions of this Christmas robin are available on items at Zazzle, such as this one:

Sunday 7 July 2013

Just Before the Dawn? This is Weird for Me...

Sometimes, things happen. Odd images seem to emerge from nowhere. And as this has been a "progress-from-absolutely-nothing" blog, it feels important to pop in this image.

It doesn't make sense, is nothing like the flowers, and isn't something I'd put into the gallery. (I've never really *ever* done people or lettering before...not even in a doodle at school). But it was an interesting journal image, and in the honest spirit of the rest of the blog, here it comes.

This is a digital mixed media piece in Pixarra Twisted Brush. Still a digital oil pastel base from scratch, but this time, digital penwork and acrylics squeaked in too.

Monday 1 July 2013

Summer Lilies: At Last, A Digital Painting for the Season!

After mixing up all my seasons completely in the last few weeks, here's a real pop of summer: a digital painting inspired by  orange lilies that were fighting their way to the light in a nearby garden.

So what else to call them but, "Summer Lilies"?

NB. I know they're  *really* bright...but so were the originals. I love colours like this, but I'd love to know your thoughts too.


PS. To see this design on phonecases and decals, have a look at this:

Saturday 22 June 2013

Digital Painting: Winter Primrose

Last winter, the vibrant red and gold of the primroses by our window was a daily dose of joy. Quite why I've remembered it now, surrounded by summer flowers, I'm not sure. But, here it is anyway, as "Winter Primrose"...

Update: It's now also available on gifts...

Monday 17 June 2013

Thursday 6 June 2013

Red Rose Digital Painting

An experiment with a plain, black background for this red rose.

I was surprised that this background worked at all, given that roses are such a symbol of summer.

Anyway, now I'm off to look at the roses for real, whilst the sun's shining...

PS. Update: Gifts based around this design are now available...

Saturday 1 June 2013

Unexpected Digital Painting: Autumn Squirrel

So I was going to do all sorts of other things. And even though it's spring at the moment of writing this, an autumn squirrel strolled into my imagination.

I guess this is an occupational hazard of running a blog called BoundingSquirrel. Anyway, here he is...

Digital painting of a grey squirrel surrounded by autumnal leaves, woods and colours.

(To apprecia\te this squirrel's cuteness on phonecases and other gifts, have a look at this:

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Tall Poppy Digital Painting

I've just realised that I've made an error...Part of a new digital poppy painting has also made its way into my new Facebook banner and Google Plus header...before I'd had a chance to post it here.

So, to rectify that, and to celebrate the ever popular poppy, here's "Tall Poppy"-another digital oil pastel piece.

I'm going into hiding for a few days to work on some new projects-news as soon as I have it.

Update: "Tall Poppy" gifts are here.

Three Things They Don't Tell You About Doing A Self Portrait...

The moment had definitely come. This blog had been turning evermore into a digital painting place. And yet my mugshot, resolutely, remained a photo. And not a very flattering one, at that.

It was time to attempt a self portrait for my profile picture.

"You gotta do this, girl," I kept telling myself. "You gotta walk your talk".

And yet, I held back.Why?

First of all, it's incredibly frightening. For some reason, it just feels really exposing even to attempt this (or at least, it did to me).

Secondly, there's the question of what to put in and what to leave out. In other words: how honest should I really be when doing this? Firstly with myself. And second, with anyone looking at it.

I still don't know what the answer is here, but here are the decisions I made, in case they're any help to anyone attempting something similar:

Glasses or no glasses? 

My photo had kept these, taken when I was writing more than creating generally. It felt right to expose my inner geek in a photo. But I do sometimes wear contact lenses. So, in the same way that people have glamour photos taken and remove glasses, it felt OK to do that here. Ditto with showing myself in my favourite clothes, rather than just, "whatever I happen to have on".

Which bits to accentuate?

I decided that "big eyes, big mouth, small nose, mouth talking, messy hair (with white streaks), cheeks like a fat rodent, mischief-maker," was a reasonably honest way to depict myself...but that it's OK to show my hair as it looks for the 24 hours after it's just been cut and styled, rather than the messy hedge that prevails the rest of the time.

And hence the result was:

But the third and maybe most important thing "they" don't tell you about the whole process is this...

I'm not at all sure anyone would recognise me from this picture. Maybe this is lack of technique (as you'll know if you've read this blog at all, I don't often draw people at all.) Maybe, it's also that it's just impossible to know how our essence and energy actually comes across to anyone else.

In the final analysis perhaps a self-portrait just has more emphasis on self than on portrait. It's how I felt to myself, on a particularly good day. And so maybe on another day, it'll change it completely.

I can only apologise for the navel-gazing in this post. Perhaps it goes with the territory. But what I'd love to know is whether it's just me who's had this reaction to doing a self-portrait, or whether you felt like that too?

Or maybe you enjoyed the process more. And if you did...what's the secret, please?

Wednesday 22 May 2013

New Digital Painting: Among the Bluebells

There are carpets of bluebells in Oxleas Woods, south-east London at the moment...Hence this newest digital painting.

(I will post something other flowers soon: there are just so many birthdays and events for us in May that time is at a premium. But I hope you enjoy this in the meantime.)
And as ever, there are gifts bearing this design, like this one:

Tuesday 14 May 2013

New Digital Painting: Open Purple Tulip

digital painting of a pinky-purple tulip
This week's digital painting is an open pinky-purple tulip...based on another photos from our Bank Holiday day in the park. When  the sun was shining. (I'll now stop doing the British "weather obsession" thing).

Again, it's in Pixarra Twisted Brush's digital oil pastels...I'm having so much fun with those that these flowers might even turn into a series.Anyway, this one's now available to buy as a print or card here.

In the meantime, this is just a short post as there is is a lot going on-which I'll share with you as soon as I can. And there's lots of other great stuff to share from my travels round the web as well.

'Til then, have a good one.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Days of Cake & Blossom...

Picture of deep pink blossom tree, St James' Park

 It's been a story of spring and street parties (well, party) cake and blossom here in the last few weeks. So here are a few pics to show what I mean....

For example, there is a riotous amount of blossom in London this long, long last...

 This (below), on the other hand, is the first Smartie cake I've ever made...for our street party.

Photo of a Smartie cake, the top is decoprated with a flower and butterfly in a Smartie mosaic.

This flower was a first too (at the same street party). I can't take any credit for the wonderful bricks, but as a digital girl, it was interesting to have a go at something completely different...

And if all this seems a way away from digital painting, perhaps it isn't. After all everything that any of us produces needs to come from somewhere, to be inspired by something. And colour provides that inspiration for me, wherever it is..
Photo of a mauve and coral flower chalked onto a pavement

Photo of yellow/red, orange and pink tulips

Speaking of which,  I had to add in these tulips. They are outside, of all places, the *public toilets* in St James's Park. Can you believe it?

Colour has come back to London after a long, grey winter.. And it's wonderful.

Saturday 4 May 2013

New Digital Painting: Tulip Fever

Digital painting of a colourful orange, gold, purple and pink tulip

At last... a new digital painting. This image on the left is the low-resolution version of "Tulip Fever" but I hope you get the general idea.

This is another digital oil pastel painting from scratch with the marvellous Twisted Brush program.

And grateful thanks also go to phaewilk whose photo inspired this.

Happy weekend, everyone!

 Update 6/05/13: I've already had feedback from a couple of people that they love this item, so it's available on phone cases and similar gifts:

Friday 19 April 2013

The Day That I Decided I Could Draw...

Picture of 70th Birthday Card with a Cricketer on it.

At the start of BoundingSquirrel, I only had one aim: to explore what the heck someone nearly 40 was doing trying to develop a skill they never thought they had (and had never previously missed). Ever since, I've done my best to describe that "dribs-and-drabs-followed-by-giant-leaps," journey.

Never once during that time did I ever feel I could "really draw anything." At some point, I reasoned, the whole bizarre circus was going to play itself out, and I'd go back to being "normal" again. Writing, reading, thinking...and never venturing beyond stickmen.

Yesterday, I finally realised that that will (probably) never happen. And that I'm fine with that.

I set out to draw (well, digitally paint, with good old Twisted Brush Pro, again) a cricketer. For my Dad's 70th birthday. (If you're not familiar with cricket, "not out" means "still batting".)

And then...

And, joy of pretty much turned out that way. 

Of course there's a lot I would change or do better-as always. And there will surely be new and different challenges right up ahead...That's life... But somehow, it was a tiny piece of evidence, a tiny bit of confidence,  that just pushed me into the, "yeah, I can do this," camp. (The picture shows Zazzle's mock-up of the card, with their font).

Watch this space whilst I work out what happens next...

Thursday 11 April 2013

Spring Daffodils...At Last

Digital painting of two yellow daffodils
I'm excited more because we've actually *got* daffodils here at long last than anything else. To celebrate that, here are a couple of daffodils in digital oil pastels.

And that's about it for this week because, like everyone else here in London, spring's belated appearance is all I can think about.

The background for these little guys will have to come later,  I'm more interested in poking my alabaster face out of doors whilst the miracle lasts...

Besides, I couldn't help noticing that even without a background, they make quite a nice pattern.

 Maybe it'll be just the thing for that foray into Spoonflower.Com I keep thinking about.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd better go and catch more of the spring before it thinks better of it and disappears again...

19/04/13 Update: Since it's got all chilly again, a single daffodil now has a background...

For speakers, phonecases and other giftss with a daffodil pattern, have a look at: