Wednesday 8 May 2013

Days of Cake & Blossom...

Picture of deep pink blossom tree, St James' Park

 It's been a story of spring and street parties (well, party) cake and blossom here in the last few weeks. So here are a few pics to show what I mean....

For example, there is a riotous amount of blossom in London this long, long last...

 This (below), on the other hand, is the first Smartie cake I've ever made...for our street party.

Photo of a Smartie cake, the top is decoprated with a flower and butterfly in a Smartie mosaic.

This flower was a first too (at the same street party). I can't take any credit for the wonderful bricks, but as a digital girl, it was interesting to have a go at something completely different...

And if all this seems a way away from digital painting, perhaps it isn't. After all everything that any of us produces needs to come from somewhere, to be inspired by something. And colour provides that inspiration for me, wherever it is..
Photo of a mauve and coral flower chalked onto a pavement

Photo of yellow/red, orange and pink tulips

Speaking of which,  I had to add in these tulips. They are outside, of all places, the *public toilets* in St James's Park. Can you believe it?

Colour has come back to London after a long, grey winter.. And it's wonderful.