Wednesday 18 September 2013

Geranium Digital Painting, Beginnings & Endings...

At long last, another, proper digital painting: inspired by the pink geraniums that The Computer Man bought me *months* ago for my birthday.

This of course continues the theme of my posting up pictures unrelated to the season in which they're being posted. ;-)

As to why it's an ending, and a beginning...

It's a funny, when things arty just descend on you from out of the blue. (If you haven't been with the blog from the beginning, you can read more about how I just started doing art one day, without any warning or prior interest in it, here).

Art descended, it seems to work, it absolutely makes me more joyful...And I still find it really, really hard to take it seriously. As if, one day I'm going to go back to being the "real" me, (who didn't draw and didn't want to, for almost 40 years).

What I'm beginning to see is that there probably is no going back. And if there is no going back, then one thing I better get serious about getting my stuff out there.So, this post is the beginning of that journey. ('Cos if I say I'm going to do it here, I'll actually have to do it. For real.)

And the ending? Well, I was going to finish this seemingly endless series of flower paintings and move on to a different subjects. But then I got an idea for "just one more". Well, I might just have to follow it through. And then move on...

More soon.

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