Friday 6 September 2013

Ladybird-Speedy Digital Painting (aka How to Get Out of a Hiatus)

Yes, there's been a break, but this ladybird showed up...and showed me (and you, if you need this info) how to get through a "what's-the-use-in-me carrying-on-with-any-art?," hiatus.

Foolishly, I'd got into thinking that only busywork (for which read "money-earning") was worth it. And then I wondered why I was cranky, grumpy and out of sorts.

But the break in practice was just long enough for me to begin to believe that "you're never going to be any good, so what's the use?" Eek.

And then the ladybird came to my rescue.

I thought, "I wonder what would happen if I set a time-limit, and just let myself draw, instead of thinking something has to be perfect and take hours/days."

And just that, the ladybird appeared...everything started to feel great.

If you're feeling stuck too, give this a go for 45 minutes, (or less, if you want)...and see what happens...(And leave us all a comment, if you'd like).
PS. Update: This tenacious ladybird has also made her way onto some gifts and products, too: