Wednesday 30 October 2013

New Digital Painting (And a New Idea)

Amazing! I've (finally completed another digital painting that's in line with the season. (Unless you're reading this in June of course).

Anyway, this is "Autumn berries" and in Pixarra Twisted Brush digital oil pastels, as before.

The New Idea...

But what it also represents is the start of a new idea. It started when staring once again at all the tech spread out by The Computer Man in our front room.

The cases for all of it are still pretty plain, despite the fact that decorated laptop, tablet and laptopskins have been around for ages.

So it dawned on me that pretty, small digital-but-traditional designs like mine might look pretty good on tech. Having already been impressed with Zazzle, I've put some designs up to try them out.

So if you'd like to jazz up your tech, or send a phone case as a gift to someone, please hop on over to my Zazzle store.