Monday 21 October 2013

Cookies (And *Do* Use This Cookie Picture If You Need One)

A friend of mine is convinced that I need a cookie policy. Given that I live in the UK, I know they exist, but thought they were only for humungous sites, and not little efforts powered by the (wonderful) Blogger and similar...

Given that being over-zealous can't do any harm, I've explained mine anyway, here

And it gave me a great chance to make the whole thing feel more appetising for all of us, by attempting a digital painting of real, edible cookies. (Feel free to use it if you need such a cookie graphic and are happy to link back here too).

It's a sad day when a post about something that should be as yummy as cookies has to contain any dullness at all...

Back with more colour soon.

PS. If you or a friend are cookie-minded, you can also buy this as a fun design on gifts like these speakers: Cx