Thursday 20 June 2024

Art is Just Much More Fun...

Image shows a sketchbook page upon which is journaled in black white and gold pen work (with turquoise, orange and gold watercolour background) the musng tht, "There are so many things that I should be doing...But Art is just much more fun...
"Art is Just Much More Fun", by Clare Walker,

Hello there, and hope you're thriving.

Today's image is straight from the sketchbook (in watercolour, pen, a touch of wax resist and even some sparkly gold acrylic paint).

And it sums up how I'm feeling...Much better, thank you, with the sun shining, and art calling oh-sooo-much-more than the thousand things with which I'm supposed to keep up or catch up

If you can relate to this, there's a strong chance that it will be in my shop soon in some way.

But for today, it's just here for fun as it says...And to be a permission slip (if you need one) to have more art and or fun in life too.

Have fun with this, and more soon.

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