Friday 19 April 2013

The Day That I Decided I Could Draw...

Picture of 70th Birthday Card with a Cricketer on it.

At the start of BoundingSquirrel, I only had one aim: to explore what the heck someone nearly 40 was doing trying to develop a skill they never thought they had (and had never previously missed). Ever since, I've done my best to describe that "dribs-and-drabs-followed-by-giant-leaps," journey.

Never once during that time did I ever feel I could "really draw anything." At some point, I reasoned, the whole bizarre circus was going to play itself out, and I'd go back to being "normal" again. Writing, reading, thinking...and never venturing beyond stickmen.

Yesterday, I finally realised that that will (probably) never happen. And that I'm fine with that.

I set out to draw (well, digitally paint, with good old Twisted Brush Pro, again) a cricketer. For my Dad's 70th birthday. (If you're not familiar with cricket, "not out" means "still batting".)

And then...

And, joy of pretty much turned out that way. 

Of course there's a lot I would change or do better-as always. And there will surely be new and different challenges right up ahead...That's life... But somehow, it was a tiny piece of evidence, a tiny bit of confidence,  that just pushed me into the, "yeah, I can do this," camp. (The picture shows Zazzle's mock-up of the card, with their font).

Watch this space whilst I work out what happens next...