Thursday 30 June 2022

Free July Clip Art Illustration, and New Strawberry Card Sheets

Digital Watercolour illustraiton of golden July Lettering, with a strawberry on top, and surrounded by daisies and grass. Free to download and use.
Free "July Strawberry," Illustration. Right-click
and save here to download.
Hello there

Hoping you're well and thriving today. And as you can see above, it's time again for a "month illustration" freebie (in this case, the warmth and strawberries of July). Southern hemisphere people, I hear you, and know it isn't summer everywhere. I'm British, and it often isn't summer in July here either :-) . But seriously, if you have a different perception of months and their symbols, please let me know what they are, and I'll see if I can illustrate them for you.

Anyway, how about grabbing this freebie graphic?

So if you'd like to use the "July Strawberry," graphic above  in a project, video or newsletter, go ahead and right-click and save (or click, or tap, depending upon your device) the image above. Links back and credit are always appreciated, but never required.

And if you'd like to let me know how you use it, please do, 'cos 1) I'm curious, and 2) I might be able to feature *your* project in a future blog post.

Even more strawberry-ishness

Photo of a Card featuring a drawing of ripe strawberries, and a mouse who has just stolen one of them.
Strawberry Mouse Card,
made by Mario-Kimberley-Scott from a design by
Clare Walker at Craftsuprint

And on that cute and fragrant note, will leave you for this week. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great weekend.

More soon.