Thursday 4 July 2024

The Penguins Are Coming...And Why "Christmas in July," is Even a Thing...

Image shows a card front mock-up of a cute watercolour penguin family surrounded by snowflakes and a silver digital glittery edge.
Update on July 9th 2024 Cute "Penguin Family," sheets are available 
now in my Craftsuprint shop

Hello there, and hope you're finding 1001 ways to thrive, whatever is going on for you this summer. (I am aware that as I type, all my lovely USA  readers are probably much more into barbeques and fireworks than this post, so if you're reading this at all in the USA today,  thank you so much.

And yeah, I know. In the intro, I mentioned "summer". So why is this post about *penguin* craft sheets (of which there is a sneak peek above)? Update on July 12th: now available here, and as a shaped card version here.

(Aside from the fact that, as someone will inevitably point out if I don't, July is in fact, very much winter in the Antarctic, where penguins most frequently hang out)?

Once again, (if you've been reading this blog a while) it's the,"Christmas in July," factor.

But this time, let me try and explain it a bit better.

Why have a "Christmas in July", concept at all?

For the longest time, I really thought this was for people who just wanted to be mega-organised, and/or hang out with people they wouldn't see at Christmas (sometimes true) and/or for people who could never get enough of the festivities (sometimes also true).

However, as you may already know if you're a crafter and/or retailer (and if you are, thank you, I see you, and appreciate your being here too :-) ) :

* Crafters need to make items over the summer, so that when autumn and winter craft fairs come around, they have crafts and cards to offer on their stalls, and 

Image shows a watercolour sketch of a Christmas bell, in warm shades of gold, green and Red
Click or tap here for "Christmas Bell and Berry"
designs for crafters and cardmakers 

*Similarly, retailers need to finalise purchasing decisions over the summer (if not before, for some) to have their shops stocked in time for Christmas shoppers, the keenest of whom start sniffing things out in September as well.

Image is a photo of a watercolour bells and berry patterned tote bag, hanging up on pegs.
See this design on tote bags and much more
over at Redbubble...

Hope this helps

So, hope this post helps you, whichever group of people you find yourself in.

And if you still can't get your head round any of this, fear not. I hear you too, and will be back with something more summery next week.

More soon.

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