Tuesday 7 February 2017

Parrots and Palm Leaves (New Seamless Pattern)

In haste and a week of truly mixed fortunes, have not had as much time to create as I would have liked. (All cartoons this week were for specific recipients, so have to stay under wraps for now).

Nonetheless, these parrots were my last-minute entry to the Spoonflower.com/Bucketfeet competition on a rain-forest theme.

There's still one more week of their co-sponsored competitions to go (I believe next week's theme is "Aquatic" but don't quote me on that). And the real bonus for entering is that for every entry they receive in these Bucketfeet competitions, Spoonflower is donating a dollar to a Native American rights charity. So whatever the outcome, each entry is doing some good in these uncertain times.

In any event, enjoy the parrots. May they bring some tropical colour and rainforesty-goodness into your life.