Friday 31 December 2021

2022 Animated Gif Ecard Image To Share...

2022 animated gif-each number fills up with rainbow colours and then a background of rainbow splatters appears behind it.

 Hello there

Just popping in quickly, because wanted to send you the very best of wishes for the New Year...

And thought you might find this little 2022 animated gif useful. (And it is very small and light, as I deliberately cropped and optimised to give you a small image for sending wherever you'd like. Just click, right-click or tap, depending upon your device, to share it).

See you again in a few days. More soon!

Sunday 26 December 2021

Free Winter Snowberries Illustration for the In-Between Time...

Free image downloadDigital watercolour of white winter snowbeterries on a pale green watercolour background, and the text Just to say hello..."

Hello there

Hope you're doing well, even if we have now gone into that strange time that isn't quite Christmas, and not quite New Year.

Which, by the way, gave me me the idea for illustrating and popping up these snowberries. The Computer Man looked over my shoulder as I was picking out an image for this post, and agreed that it was "wintery, but not Christmassy". So it should be perfect if you need it, to drop a hello or thank you to someone, online or off. Just click, right-click or tap to download it, and feel free to use it in any of the many ways you can under my angel policy.

Thanks so much for being here this year. More soon.

Update and PS: These snowberries are now available to buy as a printable card front at CraftsuPrint. Click here for details.

Thursday 16 December 2021

This Year's Christmas ECard Solves a Mystery...

Hello there, and as we're now officially in the second half of December, reckon I can say it... Happy Christmas.

As ever, there's a Christmas Ecard for you to enjoy (and send on to others if you wish).

This year, an ongoing Christmas mystery for many of us is finally solved in this ecard... 

Free Christmas ecard cartoon gif, in which Rudolph has flashing fairy lights on his antlers, Santa looks exasperated, and the caption reads: Suddenly, it had become very obvious just why the fairy lights were always tangled when it was time to put them up each year...
You are welcome to share this ecard with others.
Just click, tap or right click, depending on your device, to download

It's also the time of year when all of us (me included) tend to get focused elsewhere, and even consider taking a breather for a few days (gosh). 

This will be happening here too...I'll almost certainly be posting things here before the New Year, but won't be on a regular schedule again until January.

So, just wanted to send you love and thanks for all your support this year, and very best wishes for the festive season and beyond, however you celebrate it, or not.

And, as ever, more soon.

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Friday 10 December 2021

Free Angel Illustration and More...

You may download and use this free angel illustration
Right-click, click or tap to do so.

 (Credit and links back much appreciated, but not required)

Hello there

Hope life is treating you excellently, whether you're reading this as a regular reader (in which case, thank you) or new here and in search of the angel illustration/graphic/clip art above.

In either case, this illustration is free, and with its rainbow lights background, can very definitely be used all year round, and not just as Christmas clip art.

Note: this image is also available at the top of my angel policy/terms of use, which let you know the many ways in which you can (and a very few in which you can't) use this image.

In related news...

In related news, I'm making some gentle changes to this blog which should make it easier for you to use.

As part of that, I've had to start collecting some data on this site, though am still committed to only ever collecting the minimum possible, and keeping data as safe and private as I can.

 The first benefit of the changes for you though, is that the blog now has a proper contact form. Please do use it, and get in touch with any suggestions or thoughts you have about the blog.

In line with all this, there are also changes to my privacy policy. Do take a look-the page even includes a  new privacy policy illustration to sweeten the experience, along with the ever-popular "cookies" illustration that you're also still welcome to use.


Please bear with me as some blog changes happen. Watch this space, for example, for an easier way to follow this blog again.

(It's not easy to make a post that's mostly blog-housekeeping appealing, I know, but hope the little angel goes some way to making up for it).

In the meantime, thanks for reading this, and have a lovely weekend.

More soon.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Free December Holly Clip Art Illustration

Hello there. Hope you're doing wonderfully well. And unaccountably, just like that, it's December, and time for some new (and free) clip art to celebrate the month. 

As ever, you can download without signing up to anything, and you can use it in any of the (many, many) ways allowed under my angel policy. (Links back are always appreciated, but never required).

It's just a short post today, because I've got lots of new and exciting things to share in upcoming posts. 

Just thought I should get this to you ASAP, so that you can use it in your December projects if you wish.

Thank you ever so much for being here, and more soon.

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