Thursday 26 January 2023

Pink "Bizzie Lizzie" Craft Sheet and Other Goodies

Hello there

Yes, it's January and even though this *really* means that every day is getting lighter (or that you have *summer* in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere) it can still feel in need of some brightening up.

 And what better way to do that than with cheerful summer flowers?

Pink Bizzie Lizzie Patterned line and wash watercolour background by Clare Walker.
Grab this craft sheet at Craftsuprint

(By the way, yes, if this design has a familiar're right. It's a 2023 update/add-on to the "Bizzie-Lizzie Shaped Card available here, now that my pattern design skills are more evolved than they were back then).

What was lovely, and quite unexpected though, was how the pattern turned out to look uplifting and jolly on lots of lovely things over at Redbubble too...

Animated Gif showing the pink bizzie lizzie watercolour design on various home decor items and accessories: a tote bag, a bed cover, a phone case, throw, etc.
Click here to see these on Redbubble.Com

Image shows 3 floral wrapping papers, tied in the mock-up with a raffia bow (product is paper only).
Click or tap here to see this on Zazzle

So there you have it. There can be a profusion of pink flowers, even in January, and hope you enjoyed them.

Take care, and more soon.


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Thursday 19 January 2023

Nesting: Introducing New Spring Craft Sheets...

Nestingthemed Craft sheeta, featuring spring blue tit birds a nest, and leafy verses/sentiments.
Click here to see the sheets

Hello there

Hope the week is treating you well. And speaking of treats, if you're one of those people for whom spring can't come fast enough, the spring-based craft sheets above may be just what your looking for.

The idea is simple: three sheets featuring cute blue tit birds, a nest and spring leaves (and even enabling you to make a nest-shaped card if you want to). One of the sheets has min-inserts and toppers with verses centred on nests and spring, which can fit into the nest shaped card (and most other places you'd want to use them as well).

As a bonus, the main nest sheet is currently on special offer (as of  today, 19th January 2023), along with lots of my other spring-themed items.

That's all the news for now-though I'm hoping to be able to share something *big* with you in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, take care, and thanks for being here.

Thursday 12 January 2023

Two New Funny Cards to Give You a Laugh...

Hello there.

Sometimes, you just need a laugh, especially in January.

With that in mind, here are two newly-uploaded cards, both of which you can personalise before sending. (Update on March 2nd 2023: These cards, along with all my other funny cards, are now available for instant download on Zazzle.Com).

The first (appropriately enough for BoundingSquirrel) is for anyone and everyone who loves squirrels, and/or who battles to keep them off the bird-feeders...

Funny cartoon customisable card in which squirrels are lined up on the fence with bank-robbing gear, all ready for a raid on the bird feeders...
Click or tap here to see in more detail...

The second cartoon card involves that ever-popular funny birthday card staple, wine...

The same principle applies though. The card is fully customisable too...just click or tap on the image below to see it in more detail.

Funny and customisable wine cartoon delivery card, in which a tanker comes to deliver wine to the neighbours...
Click or tap here to see the card in more detail...

Hope one or both of these gives you (and/or anyone to whom you might send them) a boost and a lift.

Have a good week, and more soon.


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Thursday 5 January 2023

An Inspiring Question for January?

Hello there

Hope you're well, and having a happy New Year.

One of my responses to recent events outside my control has been to delve more deeply into art-journaling than before. And in the case of the graphic below, digital-art journaling, in Krita 5.

On a richly-layered pink, green, white and gold background, the message"Ask yourself, which choice feels most magical right now?" emerges.

The bizarre thing is, when I sat down to do this, I was feeling much less than great. So much less than great, in fact, that a totally unrelated question, designed to take my mind off things, felt like a *wonderful* idea.

 And so it was that, in the midst of all the gloom, this, cheery, sunny message that came out. Can't explain that at all. But maybe this is part of the mysterious power of art-journaling that its devotees describe.

Where will this lead if anywhere? Am not sure yet. Or indeed, whether it even *needs* to lead anywhere. That may not be the point. 

But it *is* fun to explore things from a new perspective, and I *love* the joyous and summery colours that emerged. Plus, what better time to keep journaling than New Year/January?


I was having so much fun, in fact, that I couldn't resist popping over to Redbubble and seeing how things looked there. 

Imagine my surprise when something started in order to cheer myself up ended up looking this good on a journal cover, magnets, and other lovely things? What lovely little reminders might they make, to give any of us a little nudge back into feeling more magical when we need it?

Ask Yourself, Which Choice is the most Magical Right Now Art Journaling design
Click or tap here to see more...

It just goes to show that art time, in all its forms, is always a good idea, and its results, a constant surprise.

Thanks so much for being here, and for reading down this far. May your own January inspire you too, however you most need it to do so.

More soon.