Thursday 26 January 2023

Pink "Bizzie Lizzie" Craft Sheet and Other Goodies

Hello there

Yes, it's January and even though this *really* means that every day is getting lighter (or that you have *summer* in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere) it can still feel in need of some brightening up.

 And what better way to do that than with cheerful summer flowers?

Pink Bizzie Lizzie Patterned line and wash watercolour background by Clare Walker.
Grab this craft sheet at Craftsuprint

(By the way, yes, if this design has a familiar're right. It's a 2023 update/add-on to the "Bizzie-Lizzie Shaped Card available here, now that my pattern design skills are more evolved than they were back then).

What was lovely, and quite unexpected though, was how the pattern turned out to look uplifting and jolly on lots of lovely things over at Redbubble too...

Animated Gif showing the pink bizzie lizzie watercolour design on various home decor items and accessories: a tote bag, a bed cover, a phone case, throw, etc.
Click here to see these on Redbubble.Com

Image shows 3 floral wrapping papers, tied in the mock-up with a raffia bow (product is paper only).
Click or tap here to see this on Zazzle

So there you have it. There can be a profusion of pink flowers, even in January, and hope you enjoyed them.

Take care, and more soon.


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