Thursday 5 January 2023

An Inspiring Question for January?

Hello there

Hope you're well, and having a happy New Year.

One of my responses to recent events outside my control has been to delve more deeply into art-journaling than before. And in the case of the graphic below, digital-art journaling, in Krita 5.

On a richly-layered pink, green, white and gold background, the message"Ask yourself, which choice feels most magical right now?" emerges.

The bizarre thing is, when I sat down to do this, I was feeling much less than great. So much less than great, in fact, that a totally unrelated question, designed to take my mind off things, felt like a *wonderful* idea.

 And so it was that, in the midst of all the gloom, this, cheery, sunny message that came out. Can't explain that at all. But maybe this is part of the mysterious power of art-journaling that its devotees describe.

Where will this lead if anywhere? Am not sure yet. Or indeed, whether it even *needs* to lead anywhere. That may not be the point. 

But it *is* fun to explore things from a new perspective, and I *love* the joyous and summery colours that emerged. Plus, what better time to keep journaling than New Year/January?


I was having so much fun, in fact, that I couldn't resist popping over to Redbubble and seeing how things looked there. 

Imagine my surprise when something started in order to cheer myself up ended up looking this good on a journal cover, magnets, and other lovely things? What lovely little reminders might they make, to give any of us a little nudge back into feeling more magical when we need it?

Ask Yourself, Which Choice is the most Magical Right Now Art Journaling design
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It just goes to show that art time, in all its forms, is always a good idea, and its results, a constant surprise.

Thanks so much for being here, and for reading down this far. May your own January inspire you too, however you most need it to do so.

More soon.