Sunday 17 February 2013

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This is positively the last post concerning pink Valentine flowers (for this year, anyway). But I couldn't resist playing around with the oil pastel setting on Twisted Brush Pro before they withered away completely.

And if you love it too, you can find this design on iphone covers and other gifts here:

Thursday 14 February 2013

Valentine flowers

Valentine flowers from The Computer Man. Sometimes I tease him in this blog. Not today.
Favourite flowers, favourite chocolates and a squirrelly card. I'm a lucky girl...And grateful for that luck, every day.
As a PS am attempting to send this from the Galaxy tab for the first time...Expect wonkiness!

Friday 8 February 2013

A Valentine Gift?

Valentine's Day's coming, and like many people, I'm thinking about a gift, in my case for The Computer Man.

But it took a comment from someone else to see something I'd made as a potential gift for someone else.

When you think about it, this:

Photography Prints

is an obvious Valentine gift. Yet somehow, I'd managed to describe it as romantic, title it, "Romeo and Juliet" in the title...and still forget this important fact.

 But as that comment on the FAA site (where it's for sale as cards, prints and posters) showed me, it really *would* make a perfect Valentine's gift...And it really *isn't* just me saying that...

So if you're loved one might like it, please do check it out, (along with all the other lovely, romantic art from a host of other FAA contributors.

Update: This card is now available at Zazzle:


Wednesday 6 February 2013

Experimenting with the Galaxy Tab and Instagram

Our new Galaxy tablet is the latest tech toy in the house. The Computer Man tells me that in fact, I shouldn't be calling it a toy, but a work tool (the purpose for which he got it).

The thing is, calling it a toy makes me much more inclined to use it-and to feel playful about it.

And yes, just in case you're thinking, "What, she only just has a tablet? And Instagram, isn't everyone *leaving* there at the moment?" you have a good point. One of the many pleasures of being with The Computer Man is the amount of tech he brings home. One of its (very slight) downsides is  that because he *fixes* tech so well, we almost never have the latest of anything. But I'm not complaining.

Anyway, I thought I'd post my first two experiments from Instagram.

The first involved playing around with the Pixlr grunge filters first...Don't normally do anything in black-and white, but the striking shapes of these winter trees tempted me into it.

winter trees

cherub picture
 Back to more colour for this cute cherub hiding on a building. I put him through the SketchGuru Android app, "Colour Pencil 2," settings (with some extra adjustments) and then a bronze vignette in Instagram.

If you want to follow this experiment, have a look at:

Bye for now.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

A Mandala to the Rescue!

Let's face it, February needs colour!
So it's a mandala to the rescue, made in Twisted Brush Studio Pro, with the Mandala brush artset.