Thursday 30 May 2024

A Whimsical "Fairy Door" Painting...

Image is an animated gif, showing a range of products that bear the whimsical blue fairy door design.
"Blue Fairy Door," watercolour designs
by Clare Walker, on

Hello there, and hope all is going really well with you.

I have a confession to make.

Whenever I see a small wooden door (especially if it's tiny, and somewhat rustic) I immediately wonder what's on the other side...and especially, if there could be something magical at work.

In other words, I love the idea that they just *might* be  "fairy doors" ;-) .

If this describes you too, you'll love this week's design, which invites you to spread some magic on everything from your tech to your postcards.

And yes, this is the finished version of the "work-in-progress" from a few weeks ago.

And yes again, this is also available as a cute and printable sheet, if you prefer the DIY approach.

Another confession

For some reason, it took forever to make this post have any links today, therefore, am going to leave this here (so that it can actually get to you something like on time :-) ).

But thank you so much, as ever, for being here, and there will be...