Friday 8 February 2013

A Valentine Gift?

Valentine's Day's coming, and like many people, I'm thinking about a gift, in my case for The Computer Man.

But it took a comment from someone else to see something I'd made as a potential gift for someone else.

When you think about it, this:

Photography Prints

is an obvious Valentine gift. Yet somehow, I'd managed to describe it as romantic, title it, "Romeo and Juliet" in the title...and still forget this important fact.

 But as that comment on the FAA site (where it's for sale as cards, prints and posters) showed me, it really *would* make a perfect Valentine's gift...And it really *isn't* just me saying that...

So if you're loved one might like it, please do check it out, (along with all the other lovely, romantic art from a host of other FAA contributors.

Update: This card is now available at Zazzle: