Friday 27 May 2022

Free June Rose Arch Illustration

Hello there, lovely people, and hope you are well, and thriving.

Can you believe that next week it will be *June* already?

A digital painting showing a hand-drawn arch of pink roses, and the word "June" written in white against the blue sky behind.
Free "June Rose Arch" Illustration by Clare Walker
Tap, right-click or click here (depending upon your device)
to download.

In anticipation of this, I have June's free jpg illustration ready for you, above.  It features a rose arch, with June in a blue sky, and plenty of room all-around to add your own text too, if you wish.

It's a digital pen and wash watercolour, hand drawn and digitally painted stroke-by-stroke in the wonderful Krita app/painting program.

As ever with my freebies here, it's your to use as you wish, as long as you don't actually sell the file as-is, or claim copyright (my full angel policy is here).

Just right-click, click or tap, (depending upon your device) to download this, and enjoy. (Credit and links back, if you use it, are *always* appreciated, but never required. If you do use it, let me know where it is, if you'd like. I love to see my stuff in use "out in the wild," and can sometimes help you to promote your projects and items too).

And there's more...

If you like the arch and want more, and/or are feeling weddingy/in need of a wedding card, then this arch also has you covered, in the form of an arch-shaped printable wedding card to buy here, and optional inserts for it here.

In any event, thanks for having a read of this, and if you're reading it as it's published, happy weekend!