Friday 20 May 2022

New: A Funny Birthday Card for People Who Like the Outdoors

Hello again

Am dividing the posts as promise, because this birthday card for people who like hiking, walking, the outdoors and so on, is very different from the cartoon in the last post.

By default, the text says, "It's OK Sue. According to the app, we're in bright sunshine, and just have a nice flat walk ahead," (even though in the picture it's pouring with rain and there are mountains and lightening in or tap here if you want to look at the details).

You can change the name (or anything else in the text) as much as you like, and can also change the message inside from, "Happy Birthday!" to anything you'd like (or make it blank, if you'd rather).

Finally, the card also comes in three sizes, small (pictured here) standard and big. (All the details are here).

This is my last post for today, I promise, but I hope it gives you a laugh, and/or is useful.