Thursday 16 February 2023

Here's A Free Floral Animated Gif to Share...

Gif shows pink watercolour flowers that "shower" splatters, follewed by the words Sending this...With Lots of Love and Hugs
Click, right-click  or tap here
to download

Hello there

It's a quick check-in with you today, but hope all's well and that you're thriving.

I made this animated gif to cheer up a friend...and then realised it would be a lovely thing to release to help you share some cheer and joy around as well.

So, feel free to download and share this image to cheer up anyone you think might like it.

 (As ever, copyright remains with me, and credit is always appreciated, but never required).

And other than that, this has been one of those "in-between" weeks where there's plenty going on, but nothing that I can share yet.

Take care, and more soon.