Thursday 1 October 2020

Day 15: Fish Motifs and the Start of Inktober


Day 15 involves more fish, but this time co-ordinating themselves a bit better, colour-wise, and hopefully looking more goldfish and koi-carpish, for an upcoimg pattern.

In case you're thinking there's something really fishy going on here (yeah, pause to groan, that's fair :-) ), I'd been thinking about a fish pattern for a while, but was spurred into action by it being, not just Day 15 of my own minnow-like daily sketch challenge (OK, time to call the pun police...) but day one of the huge online art challenge that is Inktober. And Day One's prompt for that challenge is/was "fish".

And if you're thinking, "Isn't there some controversy around Inktober this year?", yes, you're right, But as I don't know the ins and outs of it and only want to enjoy pen and wash as normal, my thinking this year is simply to enjoy it, and to take advantage of the very many prompt lists for the event as and when they sound fun, as a way of being able to travel alongside more artists and designers, and so make my own 100-day daily challenge feel less daunting.

(And yes, for the purists, I know that some people tut at the idea of adding colour to an Inktober sketch. But art without colour? I won't say it *never* happens here, but it's rare).

Does all that make sense? I hope so. In any event, watch out for these fishy folk on a pattern near you soon.

More tomorrow.