Wednesday 30 September 2020

Day 14: "Flower Garden": A Joyful Whimsical Pattern with a Boho Vibe.

And after a very full day's work, Day 14 shows what became of those black and white floral sketches on Day 8.

This is new, and will bring summer closer to you wherever and whenever you're reading this. It's based on the herbaceous borders in English country gardens. But somehow, a more joyful, hippie and boho vibe just came singing in, with all those pinks, purples and golds.

This is the pattern (which is available on fabric here...

And looks great on *so many* gifts, treats and other scrummy items, like:

"Flower Garden" phone case

"Flower Garden" Notebook

notebooks and more,,,

It's not often a design gets this far in one day, even if it's a long one. But hope it helps you feel happy and have more fun, whatever else. 

More tomorrow.