Thursday 24 September 2020

Day 8: Work in Progress, and Why I'm Daring to Show How Things Really Are...


Today's sketch is just the start of a new pattern: an outline of the kind of floral motifs you might find in an herbaceous border or cottage garden.

Social media is so full of perfection that I hesitated before posting this...It is work in progress, and by definition, absolutely imperfect.

But then I figured, all that perfection does have a tendency to lead all of us to suppose that lovely things can just happen, and take no time at all.

Sometimes, occasionally, this is true, even for me. 

But my truth is that these things take time, and sometimes even need to be left (shock, horror) for a few *days* to be considered, before forward motion takes place. And the process is messy, non-linear, and not necessarily even a day-by-day affair. Some days involve more "everyday life" than others.

So I decided to take the pressure off myself (and maybe you too, if you're reading this) and post what's actually happening each day for the rest of this experiment.

The way forward for now

Yes, I'm sticking to the plan, and will be posting daily updates for the remaining days of the 100 planned.

But not every design-maybe not even most can be finished in a day. And to get them to a standard I'm even vaguely happy with, they most often take at least two days.

So, I intend to post what actually happens at each stage and day instead.

This way, you'll get to see what actually happens, the process, and progress (or lack thereof) as well as finished results. More truth, less perfection...but maybe more fun too?

More tomorrow.

Update from Day 14 of this challenge: Just look what those little floral sketches turned into...