Friday 13 September 2019

Free Purple Floral Clip Art Flower/Floral Illustration Image: Verbena

Hello there, and if you fancy a free floral clip art this fine Friday (or whenever it is that you're reading this) here it is:

Just save the image above onto your device, and you can use it free in any personal or commercial project, provided that you don't sell it "as is" and copyright stays with me.

Credit for my images is always appreciated but never required. If you want to credit me, please link to or mention "Clare Walker,"

For full details, see my "angel" policy here.

If you need more...

The full digital watercolour of these verbenas (complete with butterflies, a bee and extra sentiment tags for card-makers) is also available on this card sheet in my Craftsuprint shop:

Here's a quick (lo-res) preview of it):

watercolour of purple floral verbenas, made into a card sheet with tags.

Matching backgrounds and inserts are also available. (See the links under the main design in the shop).

And there you have it. Have a lovely weekend.

Hope this helps, and more soon!