Thursday 5 September 2019

Nature Art Journaling in ArtRage 6: Ducks!

And just like that, it's September. Having spent August unexpectedly designing for Christmas projects instead (don't worry, I have manners, and will not post those yet ;-)).

The whole experience of the "out-of-seasoness," that the design calendar demands, left me feeling strangely un-grounded. Added to the general craziness of UK (and world) life at the moment, and action was needed.

So, this is a first ever attempt at nature art journaling for me, in ArtRage 6...Found it so relaxing that suspect more nature art journals will follow...and can highly recommend it if you're feeling stressed too. For now, here you go...

To try ArtRage for yourself, go here. (That link isn't sponsored in any way-I'm just a big fan of this software). 

More soon...