Sunday 23 September 2012

Photos of Summer 2012

An entire summer without blogging...Aaagh. Sorry! Still, there are plenty of summer pics to choose from...

If I'm honest, it's because I'm *still* having huge problems showing anything I do to anyone, and still too prone to press the "delete" button...(Things have moved on since the days when only The Computer Man got to see my stuff, but not as much as I'd like...)

So I've signed up with a course to put things right.

Anyway...Onto the pics!

It was a great year for roses (possibly because it rained solidly from April to late July!). The photo is mine, but these beautiful roses were grown by much more talented gardeners, in London's Holland Park. They also grew this lovely poppy...

What else about London in 2012? Ah, yes, the Olympics.

Well, the atmosphere was fun, and I'd have the Olympics back any day, just for the clean streets and friendly people. Yay!

But we're not the sportiest of people.

 So, The Computer Man and I did the obvious thing for non-sporty people to do during such a time...and went on a tall ship voyage along the Thames.

(Actually, the ships were Dutch, and only in London at all because of the Olympics, so kudos to the organisers for thinking of *everything*).

Anyway, tall ships made for some interesting pictures...even on a camera phone.

As did Olympic rings,

sights that turned me all touristy in my own city...

And it's easy to see how Royal Greenwich was built to impress people arriving in tall ships...

Finally a sunny trip to Devon...

After that, the dreaded 40th birthday turned out OK-and shots from a camera with a zoom lens (which lessened the birthday pain quite a bit!) will turn up soon!