Monday 23 April 2012

Driving me to chocolate...

It's enough to drive a woman to chocolate.

Let me explain. London has finally gone 100% digital with its TV. "No big deal," you may say. None at all, except if you happen to be married to The Computer Man.

He got all fired up by the challenge of building a multi-media system for the bedroom similar to the (very swish) one he rigged up months ago in the sitting room. Which was a brilliant idea, until it entailed him balancing on the bed at 1am last Sunday morning, after six hours of work,  explaining, "It's nearly there, I've almost got it all tuned in."

He assures me that small teething troubles will be ironed out soon. In the meantime, The Computer Man's project means I have had more time for graphics, and specifically, some chance to mess around with typography, which I haven't done for ages. Making it chocolate-related just seemed to fit the mood of the week.


Update: Not chocolate-related, but given the comments here, if this post strikes a chord with you, there's more on life with The Computer Man here.