Thursday 8 February 2024

Violets Aren't Blue...

Image shows a surface design in which watercolour violet flowers and green leaves are arranged in horizontal stripes, alternating with lilac drawn horizontal stripes, on a dark violet-purple background.
"Stripey Violets"

It's been "one of those weeks," for sooo many people, it seems,  am almost afraid to ask you how you are.

Here, The Computer Man and I are, ourselves, fine and very, very grateful for that.

It's just that, not having hearts of stone, it's hard to see others around in bother that you can do nothing to stop, prevent, or allay.

And so...

And so, in the scale of things, if this week's post is "just a pattern" (and, somehow,  a more sombre one than I was intending) it hardly seems to matter. Especially as as have always striven to be honest here, as elsewhere.

I don't know yet what will become of this one, if anything. But thought you might like to see it anyway. Will keep you posted on what happens to it.

Violets aren't blue...

And though I was bemoaning not having a "traditional," cheery red/white/pink valentine type post for you...It's just struck me that violets are, in their way, very much a Valentiney thing.

Even if, having watercoloured them myself now, I can absolutely confirm, they are purple (or purpley mauve, anyway), and *not* the blue of the rhyme.

Hope that all is, at least, very well with you and yours.

More soon.