Friday 1 April 2022

An Emerald Anniversary Card and Digital Painting...

 Hello there. Hope you're doing well.

Digital watercolour of an emerald.

This week's offering is a digital painting that was always intended as an emerald anniversary card. In fairness to the couple now celebrating 55 happy years together (congratulations again!), I couldn't put these designs in a post until today.

Its painting (the emerald is in digital watercolour, using Krita) and design have taken up a fair chunk of the week...Alongside, of course  enjoying spring sunshine and then watching, open-mouthed, as that turned to the same afternoon. Am really not joking or exaggerating about that-it was the weirdest thing.

Anywaaaay, lest I be rightly accused of doing that British weather-chat thing, here's the card itself, which you can buy (and personalise, inside and out) at Zazzle:

Or, if you're feeling crafty (or need to download something today) you can also download a printable kit that makes a similar square version of the card (again with personalisable/customisable message options) from my Craftsuprint shop.

Picture of the Emerald Anniversary Kit contents, card front, insert, backgrounds, etc.
Downloadable Emerald Anniversary Card Kit

Whichever option works better for you, I hope this helps you or someone you know. 

Had thought that this could be a bit too "niche," so hesitated before posting this. But as we're 55 years from the beginning of the "Summer of Love," as I'm writing this, perhaps not... ;-)

Have a great weekend-more soon.

A free animated gif showing a happy chick breaking out of an egg, and wishing the viewer a Happy Easter.
Happy Easter Chick Animated Gif by Clare Walker,
 BoundingSquirrel.Com. Click here to download
 and use or share it.

Yes, Easter would appear to have snuck up on us again, and so before taking a break for it, I just wanted to send you my very best wishes, whatever your way of celebrating  this time of year (or not).

For me, nature and the arrival of new life and hope is always key in spring, hence this image.

If you'd like to share this gif/send it as an online Easter card, please do (right-click, click or tap on the image to download and use it). I don't insist on credit, but it's always lovely if you're able to do so, or link back in some way.

Hope all is peaceful well and happy wherever you are. Have a lovely weekend (or more) and I'll see you in a few days.

Thanks so much for being here, and more soon.


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