Wednesday 3 November 2021

Free November Clip Art (Art Every Day Month, Day 3)

Free illustrated November clip art illustration in pen and wash watercolour.
Tap, click or right-click to download and use this image...

Hello there. Day two of the Art Every Day challenge was more personal for me.

Day three though, is above. I realised that I hadn't put up the usual "month illustration," freebie for a while, so here it is. Just click, tap or right-click depending upon your device, and its yours to use pretty freely (see my angel policy for details). 

Note that this illustration is only about 6 by 4 inches at 300 dpi. But that makes it smaller, and therefore better for web projects.

This is an original watercolour pen and wash illustration, using Faber Castell pens, metallic gel pens, and Inktense paint pans. 

Hope all's  really well with you-I'll be back soon with more images.

(Update on November 5th: I have had to withdraw from the Art Every Day Month challenge, having twisted my neck, which is causing pain and exhaustion. As you might expect, the main cure for this is rest, but I'll be back as soon as I can).