Monday 1 November 2021

Art Every Day Month 2021 Begins...

November 1st is the start of Art Every Day Month. After a lot of pondering, the question I'll be asking myself each day is also my first day's offering...

What brings me the most joy to create-digi art journaling

If this image with resonates you, you have my absolute blessing to share it on social media in case it sparks some joy and/or ideas for someone else.

If you're one of the people who likes to know how things are created, this is a digi-art journaling piece, created stroke by stroke in the new beta version of Krita 5.

What next?

I'll be creating every day this month, but so as not to overload the blog (and you!) I'll be doing summary posts here. (If you're keen to see everything, I will be posting even more regularly on Instagram.)

And if you'd like to join the challenge itself, the ArtEveryDay group on Facebook is one of the friendliest communities I've ever been lucky enough to find and join.

Have a great week-and month!

More soon.