Thursday 11 March 2021

Free Periwinkle Printable Background Paper And More...

Hello there, and hope you're thriving. Something suspiciously like spring sunshine appeared here this week. Not only has it brought out periwinkle flowers in the park, but also in my artwork.

Periwinkle patterned background

This is a full A4 sheet that you can print as a backing paper if you want to. (My angel policy is here). Just right-click, click or tap (according to your device) and save, to use it.

If you like the flowers, but fancy this cheery but soothing pattern on something else in your home or life, my Redbubble shop has you covered.

It's fabulous on everything from a laptop skin to a shower curtain, and even as a more detailed piece of art for your walls.

The full selection of items is here in the shop, if you want to have a browse and see what you might like.

Other than that-have a lovely weekend, and more soon.