Wednesday 16 September 2020

Sketch a Day | First Day: Amethysts in Watercolour


These watercolour amethysts are likely to be the start of a new sketch-a-day challenge here. Why? Well, imagine the scene this morning...

Bouncy promotional email in inbox: "There's only 100 days til Christmas! :-)"

Me: Whaaaaaat?!**! Surely not! 

Followed, after more expletives, by a total determination to get something better, or at least more meaningful, out of 2020.. Or at least uplifting, anyway. That'll be my hope in sketching every day. Just some uplift-for me, for you, for anyone also who cares to look.

And yes, the sketching will likely to digital sometimes and traditional (like the one above) on others.

That's as far as I've got with this challenge so far. But watch this space for more. 

PS. I will only be posting some of the challenge sketches here. But you can find (and comment) on them all on Instagram, and the new BoundingSquirrel Facebook Page.