Thursday 9 April 2020

A Free Printable "Thank You"...

Hello there.  Hope you're well, and thriving as much as possible.

Today's offering is a free printable.

In these strange times, there's one thing am finding myself doing (even, I hope) more than usual. And that's saying thank you, to so many people who are, in their various different (and often unsung) ways making life easier

If you're feeling like that too, please right-click and save (or simply tap and save, depending on your device) this printable "thank you" design, with my blessing.

As ever, if you'd like to be able to do even more with this design, there's also a download in my shop here. But if all you need is a thank you card, this printable should be all you need if you can simply fix it to the front of any card base, cardboard or heavy paper.

It prints out well (300dpi) at 4 x 6 inches, making it an easy size to post as well.

Finally, I wish you the best possible weekend you're able to have (and promise that there'll be something other than daisies in the next post).

More soon!