Tuesday 12 November 2019

New Art Journaling:Sometimes You Need to Throw Paint (AEDM Day12)

As you can see, this is rather different from the "neat" colouring page on Day 10.

I did open up ArtRage 6  meaning to add neat digi-colour. But then, something about all that keeping-within-the-lines was infuriating. (It's also been a heck of a few days, one way and the other).

Quite simply, it felt like that the page was so prissy, (even though it was *my own design*) I'd rather take it and shove it somewhere that the sun doesn't shine, rather than "stay between the lines" any more.

And so, much layering and paint-splattering in ArtRage 6 (and following the total obliteration of the original message), this is my piece of "Art Every Day Month," art journaling for Day 12.

More tomorrow.