Friday 15 November 2019

Free Printable: "Election Bingo" Card (AEDM 15)

It's Friday, and time for a bit of fun...

Here in the UK, politicians have been released back into the wild for another election.

So, in order to make the tedium of watching it all a little more fun, I've designed this bingo card, that helps the user to spot all the various kinds of behaviour that politicians tend to exhibit, and which becomes exaggerated during election periods.

This card deliberately applies to politicians of all political persuasions (and probably in many countries outside the UK, too).

So, if you feel like printing this off for your amusement whenever there's an election where you are, please feel free.

There are no prizes for this, obviously-just the satisfaction or otherwise of a completed card.

And finally, there was no political intent behind these colours. It's hard to find a colour that someone somewhere hasn't used for political purposes. And it's cold here at the moment, so I went for warm colours.

More tomorrow.