Saturday 9 November 2019

AEDM Day Nine: An Authentically Half-Finished Frame!

I thought long and hard before posting today's effort for the Art Every Day Month Challenge. Our Instagram-perfect culture has  made it feel bizarre to post anything that looks less than "perfect," or that looks "unfinished" (try posting a work in progress over there that is truly "in progress",  rather than "closer-to-finished-than-you-can believe," and you'll see what I mean).

But the fact of the matter is, sometimes the little thing called "life" *does* get in the way. Phones ring. Other things intrude.  And sometimes, that leaves less than no time for creating picture-perfect items.

With that said, here's my effort for Art Every Day Month Nine: half a doodled floral ink frame in Krita. I'd had high hopes for finishing this today. Adding lots of colour, even. But the fact is, I'm off out now, and definitely won't have time to complete any more of this today.

But the truth is, not everything can be finished in a day. And on some days, almost nothing can be started. For any of us...because we're all human. And that's OK.